Royce Capital Group

About Us

Royce Capital Group, Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Focuses on Forex trading, with advanced knowledge of the markets and years of experience.

Our Aim

Our vision is to see organisations and individuals grow their investment portfolio exponentially through foreign exchange trading.

Why Us?

The mission of Royce Capital Group is to provide excellent investment opportunities to organizations and individuals to increase their growth in capital.


We specialize in Forex account management as well as training and development in Forex trading. Both with the goal of bringing you, the client closer to financial freedom.

Advantages of Forex trading:

  • Diversification: For South African’s its important to diversify their capital to different currencies, you can create 3 different Forex accounts with either USD, EUR, or GBP, instantly diversifying to 3 different economies.
  • Liquidity: Capital can be withdrawn between the 5th and the 10th of every month and takes 3-5 working days to arrive in your bank account.
  • Insane profits: Royce Capital has a proven track record of achieving profits of 1% a day on average the last 2 years on our accounts. 1 percent a day with compound interest is 900 percent in 231 days. (there are 260 trading days a year. So 30 days are left as a buffer. (900 percent takes R100 000.00 to 1 million Rand in one year. 1 million to 10 million Rand end of year 2. And yes, after 3 years 100 BAR.

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Clients come to Royce Capital for a number of reasons whether its to create another form of income or to preserve and grow their current wealth. Our managed Forex trading strategies are backed up by extensive research and analysis, and we have a highly disciplined approach to deploying these strategies...